Pegaso 6035 EMT Büho Otero Scale Models 87004D

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Otero Scale Models 87004D Pegaso 6035 EMT "Búho"

Exclusief model uit Spanje, zeer gedetailleerd.

Pegaso 6035 EMT "Búho"


This is a new model of the Pegaso 6035 from EMT (Municipal transport from Madrid). This version represents a new service in the `80 years in the capital.  The buses services a enterely night service so the people call it "the Buhos" (Buho its the spanish word for Owl the night bird). The translation of the lateral words is "new nightly services from EMT" and the smallest one "in the night, also in bus"


Otero Scale Models

Materiaal: Bedrukt plastic


Schaal: H0 1:87