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Noge Titanium

Noge Titanium coach built on a Volvo chassis at the 2008 FIAA (International Bus and Coach Fair) in Madrid

Nogebus is a Spanish-based coachbuilder. The company builds bus and coach bodies on various possible chassis. Their products are sold throughout all of Western Europe.The company, originally named Noge, collapsed in January 2013.[1] However, later that year it was acquired by another Catalan company, Sartruck, and resumed its activities.[ Noge was, after Indcar, Ayats and Beulas, the fourth coachbuilding company to be founded in the village of Arbúcies, in the province of Girona, Catalonia. It was established in 1964 by a former Ayats worker, Miquel Genabat Puig (whose son presides the company today) and by Josep Noguera, who dissociated himself from the company in 1978. Noge began its activities building city buses but soon expanded to intercity and luxury coaches as well. In its heyday, the company had over 250 employees and produced an average of 600 vehicles a year. The workforce had been reduced to 93 by the time the factory temporarily closed its doors in 2013. 22 of these workers were rehired by the new company Nogebus.

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Noge Titanium Oterso Scale Model 87002A